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Key Ingredients of the Parade: Kristine Tague

Kristine Tague has been a volunteer with the parade since 2004.  She quickly excelled as a Block Marshal, and joined the Volunteer Leadership Board in 2008.  She is now the Volunteer Chairperson for the committee, and can be seen controlling the route every Thanksgiving morning.
  • Why did you first volunteer for the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade?

Key Ingredients of the Parade: John Beckman

John Beckman has been with the McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade for several years, going back to the Jingle Elf Parade days.  He currently leads our TV Zone Stage Managers, ensuring that our the parade flows smoothly during the broadcast.

(Pictured:  John Beckman in his trademark "Poo Crew" hat (right) standing with Paul Graham (left) just before the TV start of the 2011 McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade)

Key Ingredients of the Parade - Al Shelton

Al Shelton has served the past two years as the chairperson of the Volunteer Leadership Board of the McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade.  Did you know that Al actually started out, and currently still is, as a sponsor of the parade?

Key Ingredient of the Parade - Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas at the 2011 McDonald's Thanksgiving ParadeOne of our Key Ingredients of the Parade is Stephanie Thomas.  She started out in 2004 as a Production Assistant, and still works to this day as the Chairperson of our Specialty Unit Staging Committee.

Key Ingredients of the Parade - Dennis Lontka

Dennis Lontka, age 54, is a long-time volunteer of the parade. He is pictured here receiving his award for serving 10 years with the parade.

Key Ingredients of the Parade - Doug Green, Worldstrides Heritage Performance

One of the reasons that the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade is able to recruit the top marching bands from around the nation is due to the help

Key Ingredients of the Parade - Fannie Mance

Fannie Mance has been a volunteer for 11 years, and her hard work and dedication has made an valuable impact.