The 2014 McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade will ROCK

Featuring the 2014 Grand Marshall Dee Snider!
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Chicago's Parade on WGN, WGN America and

Find out more about how you can watch the 2014 McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade at home, no matter where in the country you are!

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Your Company Can Support Chicago's Parade

Parade sponsorships help provide millions across the country with free family entertainment, as well as provide several avenues of marketing exposure for your company.

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Support the Parade with an Individual Sponsorship

Help support Chicago’s Parade – and get your chance to watch the parade from the VIP Section!

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Watch on WGN

Tune into the 81st McDonald’s® Thanksgiving Parade on Chicago’s Very Own WGN Channel 9, or across the country on WGN America.

Who's in the Parade?

The Nation’s Best Marching Bands, Spectacular Performance Groups representing Chicagoland’s diverse melting pot, Santa Claus and more!

Individual Sponsorships

Support Chicago and enjoy the parade from the VIP Section!

Corporate Sponsorships

Support Chicago by supporting its Parade! From millions watching to the thousands supporting, help Chicago stand out and put its best foot forward this Thanksgiving!

The Parade starts on WGN and WGN America in








Help showcase Chicago’s Parade!  
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Apply to Perform in the 2015 McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade

It’s never to early to start thinking about next year …

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